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Is the Capital of the World

Istanbul is a universal and extremely rare beauty in which the poet and the archaeologist, the diplomat and the merchant, the princess and the seafarer, the Northern and the South, all shout with the same sense of fascination.

Best implants

The best implant application technologies and top quality implant brands

We are selecting the best implant application technologies and top quality implant brands for you. Implant is the artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone which brings together the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth under a single roof.

We design your smile

We design a private smile for you.


Dental Go is powered by Diş Levent. Having started its activities in 2013, Diş Levent is a dental and oral health center established . While we have the latest technologies in the field of health, such as 3D x-ray measurements and 3-dimensional mouth scanners, we continue to apply current techniques in our clinic. We, as Dental Go, serve in the principles of excellence among the skyscrapers and plazas in Levent. We are very concerned about responding to the expectations of our patients and we are always with you on our journey as well as treatments with our travel team.

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Patient Reviews

Anna Rabou / Holland

I'am so happy about my result the team is amazing super professional

Isabel Patrick / Belgium

I went to istanbul for my teeth treatment in 2016 and I'am still very happy patient for my smile

Our Doctors

Halit Çömez
Cosmetic Dentistry
Mehmet Akbul

Aesthetic Dentistry

Özgün Günay

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Digital Smile Design

Do you have any questions?

1 How much will a dental trip cost?

Pricing may vary depending on the type of treatment performed, the material used, and the number of teeth. You can contact us to receive information and make free planning

2 Why are dental implants cheaper abroad?

Materials used in treatment, which cost more abroad, and particularly because of the difference in exchange rates, although the same technology assisted processes, in Turkey you can make the price more affordable to a more experienced team.

3 How much is dental implant abroad?

In accordance with the brand value, the pricing may change depending on the research and development activities carried out over the years. There are also differences between implant prices. Especially Swiss, German and American implants stand out as more well-established brands in dental treatments. The prices of these brands range from 350 to 450 pounds

4 How much cost Hollywood smile in Turkey?

In this regard, pricing may vary depending on the number of teeth to be made, the material to be used and the laboratory fees. But the average single tooth is around 250 pounds. Usually also the lower-upper 10 teeth are the appropriate number for this treatment.

5 How much cost a new teeth in Turkey?

Single tooth is priced at a minimum of 175 maximum 250 pounds.

6 How much costs teeth veneers in Turkey?

It’s price is 250 pounds.

7 How much is a full set of teeth implants cost in Turkey?

Our clinic charges this process at £ 550.

8 How much does teeth whitening cost in Turkey

The price of this transaction is 150 pounds, including dental stone cleaning.

9 How much cheaper is dental work in Turkey?

These processes are not positioned as cheaper conditions in Turkey. Due to the exchange rate difference between Pound and Turkish Lira, dental and oral health is cheaper for people living abroad than their own countries.

10 How much is a dental bridge in Turkey

Prices vary according to the material used. The price range for the single tooth bridge is between 75 and 150 pounds.

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